Partido State University College Admission Test (ParSUCAT)

Download: ParSUCAT Application Form | Student Personal Record

All incoming New Students including honor graduates, recipients of scholarships are required to take the Partido State University College Admission Test (ParSUCAT). It is a (1) hour mental ability test consisting a verbal and non-verbal test batteries. ParSUCAT is usually administered starting January until March of the given year.

To be admitted to the board program, incoming first year students should have a score of 60 percentile and above in ParSUCAT. Triangulation of important variables will be made to determine admission to the board program. An average of at least 70% of the following will qualify to the board programs:

  • ParSUCAT Result                      70%
  • Interview Rating                         15%
  • Average Grade 12 Rating          15%

On the other hand, 10 percentile is the minimum cut-off score for non-board programs.

Unsuccessful taker of the PARSUCAT may take the test after a lapse of one year. There is no limit as to the number of time in taking the test result until the prescribed cut-off is obtained.

Admission Policy

No Students shall be denied to the University provided he/she compiles with the admission requirement of the University.

ParSUCAT Applicants must submit the following REQUIREMENTS:
1. Testing Fee of Php 100.00
2. Accomplished PARSUCAT Application Form
3. Two (2) copies 1 X 1 picture (latest; identical)
4. One (1) piece long size self-addressed envelope(with one (1) piece of 6.00 pesos worth of stamp)

Additional Requirement: (base on the FIRST choise course) see course offerings
1. Long size folder 

  • COED (College of Education) - Blue
  • CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) - Yellow
  • CET (College of Engineering) - Red
  • CBM (College of Business and Management) - Green
  • Other Campuses - White

Application Procedure for ParSUCAT:

1. Pay the non-refundable testing fee of ONE HUNDRED PESOS (Php 100.00) at the Cashier.
2. Present Original Receipt (O.R.) at the Admission Office and secure an Application Form.
3. Accomplish the Application Form
4. File the completed AF together with the requirements
5. Get the Testing Permit before leaving the Admission Office
6. Report for testing on the specified date, time & venue

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