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I am very pleased to accept the task entrusted to me as the President of this University. The responsibility of this charge would be a daunting challenge were it not for the support and dedication of our able faculty, staff, and students.
This wonderful blessing is not for me but it is about Partido State University. Its unbroken service to the constituents of Partido over the years. My installation as the new president carries the great responsibility of celebrating the great possibilities that lie ahead.
Our beloved PSU has been in existence for many years. In 1941, it was Partido National High School, in 1986 Partido State College and in 2001 it became Partido State University. We have been a university, for seven years. As we evolved through the years, we had bumped through a lot of warts and scars. But I must say that PSU has its share of the history of the good, it has continuously taken part in shaping the growth of Partido as well as Bicol region.
My unprecedented installation as the 1st Lady President but 2nd President of Partido State University is a charged commitment. There are tasks which are left unattended, some are yet to be done but more are to be continued. In my term, I admit the past administration has left a lot of big and fruitful projects which are worthy to be recognized. I must also confess my office has been stormed with downpour of blessings.
I am privileged to share with you the development projects realized and accomplished during my first days in this office, along different priority areas, viz:

Faculty & Staff Development Program
  • Approved scholarship applications by the Board of Regents in the persons of Mr. Danilo Pe˝aflorida, Mr. Percival Ebron, Mr. Redentor Buetre (extension),
  • Attendance of 56 faculty members to 27 trainings and seminars while 10 staff to 13 seminars primarily focused on professional enhancement
  • The reinvented Identification Card for faculty and staff sponsored by the administration
  • The gratifying Year-end Cash Incentive for faculty & staff
  • On-going computation of faculty service-SUC faculty evaluation for NBC 461 3rd Cycle
  • FAPARSU representatives were invited to attend academic & administrative meetings for purposes of equal representation
  • 11 faculty graduated with Doctoral degree and 2 with masteral degree
  • 45 faculty with NC II Competency certifications and 1 NC I certification
  • Produced 2 new lawyers

  • Curriculum & Instruction Development
  • Reviewed Curriculum approved by Board of Regents - BSED, BEED, BS Communication
  • Conduct internal accreditation visit to PSU San Jose, Tinambac and Caramoan in preparation for accreditation by AACUP
  • Seminar conducted by TESDA for National Competency at PSU San Jose

  • Student Development
  • Equal representation of students in Staff meeting
  • Attendance of selected BS Entrepreneur students to National Business Seminar at Manila Hotel
  • Attendance to the 7th Higher Education Luzonwide Press Conference at Tuguegarao, Mr. Fredly Azuer BSED 3, garnered 4th place in Editorial Writing.
  • Scholarships offered through the kindness of Cong. Fuentebella for students living in Partido; CHED Scholarships and other new scholarship grants pledged by philanthropists
  • Extension of Admission Examination schedule to give access to economically bereft but deserving students
  • Increased Facilities like TV and computers
  • Opening of an extension campus at Mabalodbalod (on-going negotiation with LGU-Tigaon)
  • Procured 7 computers for Student Centers for distribution to 7 campuses

  • Administration
  • Strategic Planning under the research & planning using the OPIF
  • Inventory of properties, facilities and equipment by campus
  • Quarterly meetings of Academic and Administrative Councils for policy determination
  • The University Week Celebration participated in by all campuses and hosted by Goa Campus
  • The Commencement Exercises with more than 500 graduates from baccalaureate and ladderized courses.
  • The personnel audit by the Civil Service Commission and staff meeting with CSC.
  • Revisiting the following policies:

  • - Revised Guidelines for Scholarship Grants and Financial Assistance for University Personnel
    - Implementing Rules on Grant of Vacation Service Credits among Faculty members of the University
    - Implementing Rules on Grant of Vacation Leave & Sick Leave Credits among Faculty Members with designation at PSU
    - Scholarship of Students funded by CHED

    Resource Generation
  • Under the SUC's knowledge based project, its share of P30,00 for the 3 faculty writers
  • From PCARRD PHP 60,000 for FITS Center
  • From HEDF 2007 (Dec.) PHP 1.5 M from for facilities & equipment another PHP 1.5M
  • Congressional Insertion from Cong. Fuentebella PHP 15 M

  • Research & Development
  • Forged MOA with the following agencies:

  • - BU - Assessment of the Fishery for Macro-investments gleaning in Lagonoy Gulf & Sea Urchin Resource Project of Lagonoy Gulf
    - LGU Goa - Enriching EWAMP thru Innovative Partnership Design (under negotiation)
    - DOST for Clean Air Act
    - LGU San Jose
    - LGU Tigaon
    - LGU Goa
  • Host of the 1st Quarter BCARRD, RRDCC & PASUC V Meeting

  • Extension
  • Linkages with the following agencies -DA, DOST, TESDA, CHED, CICT, Rotary Club.
  • Establishment of FITS Center

  • Physical Plant/Facilities
  • Goa Campus

  • - Refurbishing of President’s Office & lobby of mezzanine
    - Completion of Automotive Multi-purpose bldg.
    - Repair of gazebo
    - Repair of Student Center
    - Repair of Covered Court
    - Fabrication of PSU Signage
  • Lagonoy Campus

  • - Repair of ceiling
    - Construction of 2-classrooms
    - Painting of 2-classrooms
    - Electrical works
    - Tile works
  • Sag˝ay Campus

  • - Repair of GMF bldg Phase 2
    - Repair of Realubit bldg.
    - Repair of Automotive bldg.
    - Repair of Wet laboratory
    - Repair of Dormitory (conversion to fish processing)
    - Repair of Covered path walk
  • Salogon Campus

  • - Repair of 5 classrooms
    - Rehab of Entrance Pavement/fence/gate
  • San Jose Campus

  • - Repair of Academic bldg. rooftop
  • Caramoan Campus

  • - Repair of 1 classroom
    -Construction of 1-classroom
  • Proposed Infra project

  • - Power Upgrading
    - Repair of Admin. Bldg, Phase 2-
    - Completion of IT Bldg.
    - Repair of Student Dormitory-
    - Repair of Covered Path walk
    - Repair of Rroofing (various bldgs.)
    - Repair of Admin. Bldg-PSUC
    - Repair of 4 Classroom-PSUT
    - Repair of Comfort Room COED
    - Construction of Entrance gate PSUG
    - Construction of Gymnasium PSUG
    - Repair of Library PSUG
    - Rip rapping of heavily eroded embankment -PSUS

  • Massive purchase of books from the HEDF for distribution to campuses
  • Automation of the library/ establishment of OPAC-P250,000.00

  • These commitments will guide us as we continue working in our ever-challenging environment, maintaining and enhancing our focus on academic excellence. As we look forward we need to continue increasing our expectations to use technology effectively, the harmonization of our functions-a research based instruction channeled thru extension and technology transfer through production.
    I say, in the long term, our persistence and steady focus will bring us stability and strength. And within four years we will have developed and enhanced our commitments.
    I am totally dedicated to this University. This has been my high school alma mater. It provided me the foundation to continue my education and obtain excellent employment at an early age.
    This is such an exciting time to be president of PSU. We have many challenges. It is time to think broadly, boldly, and proudly. It is time to work hard, but also to re-imagine ourselves, to craft and work toward a vision. It is time to take charge of our future.
    In closing, I am honored to be the president of Partido State University. I am honored to be working with each of you. I will ensure that we will continue to provide quality educational opportunities and assistance to those who seek our services.
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