Ms. LEIH ANNE R. ODOÑO Board Secretary V / Director, International Affairs
Ms. NYMPHA L. GO Internal Auditor III
Mr. CHARLIE V. BALAGTAS Director, Planning
Atty. RONNEL R. ATOLE, Ph.D. Director, Information and Communications Technology Unit
Ms. MARGARITA M. LANCISO Director, Alumni Affairs
Ar. Sheena D. Paat Director, Project Management Office
Dr. MICHAEL A. CLORES Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. JOAN A. MONFORTE-BEDES Dean, College of Education
Ms. Ma. Cristina C. Picaso Department Chair, Pedagogy Department
Mr. Marvin O. Gabatin Department Chair, Andragogy Department
Mr. Alvin A. Celedonio  Program Chair, Secondary Education
Ms. LEAH ERICA M. IGNAO OIC Dean, College of Sciences
Ms. Liezel DC. Atole-Nieva  Department Chair, Biological Sciences Department
Mr. Jomar A. Sedeño Department Chair, Physical Sciences Department
Dr. RINA A. ABNER-PUERTA Dean, College of Accountancy and Economics
Ms. Rhesty R. Biarres Department Chair, Accounting and Business Management Department
Ms. Kris T. Sarmiento Coordinator, MBA Graduate Program
Ms. Menchi D. Crispino  Director, Institute of Economics
Dr. Rina A. Abner-Puerta Concurrent Program Chair, Accountancy
Dr. MARIEL R. ESTRELLA  Dean, College of Integrated Arts and Humanities
Dr. Jennifer C. San Jose Department Chair, Public Affairs Department
Mr. Leemar C. Serrano Department Chair, Linguistics and Literature Department
Mr. John Vincent M. Baylon  Department Chair, Human Kinetics and Arts Department
ENGR. EMELINA R. PADAYAO OIC Dean, College of Engineering and Computational Sciences
Engr. Jason C. Acayen Department Chair, Engineering Department
Dr. Joni Neil B. Capucao Deparment Chair, Computational Science Department
Engr. Mary Allen V. Albus  Program Chair, Sanitary Engineering
Mr. Nicolas A. Pura Program Chair, Computer Science
Dr. RICKY P. LAURETA Dean, College of Management and Tourism (San Jose Campus)
Ms. Cristy V. Naldoza Department Chair, Tourism Management Department
Dr. Gina B. Alcoriza Department Chair, Hospitality Management Department
Dr. SHIRLENE S. ESPLANA Dean, College of Public Safety and Community Health (Lagonoy Campus)
Dr. Teresa A. Mendoza Department Chair, Health and Nutrition Department
Ms. Sheehenna B. Peteza Department Chair, Public Security Management Department
Mr. DIOMERL EDWARD B. BALDO OIC Dean, College of Sustainable Communities and Ecosystems (Caramoan Campus)
Ms. Sharmaine O. Nuñez Department Chair, Ecotourism, Ecology and Conservation Biology Department
Ms. Diana Rose P. Campehios Program Chair, Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology
Engr. Gen Wen A. Campehios Program Chair, Engineering and Automotive Technology
Dr. ROMEO B. MORCILLA Dean, College of Environmental Science and Environmental Design (Tinambac Campus)
Mr. Arvin G. Malonzo Department Chair, Protected  Area Management Department
Dr. CRISTINA P. LIM Dean, College of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (Sagñay Campus)
Mr. Lander C. Plantado Department Chair, Fisheries Department
Ms. Maria Christina G. Gumba Department Chair, Marine Science Department
Dr. JENNY P. LORIO Dean, Dean, College of Agribusiness and Community Development (Salogon Campus)
Ariel N. Delfino Department Chair, Community Development Department
Maria Melania T. Sangalang Department Chair, Agribussiness And Entrepreneurship Department
Ms. MARIETA P. PALMES OIC Dean, Office of Student Affairs & Services
Ms. Sherry A. Combis Director, Student Scholarships
Ms. Maria  Korina P. Enriquez Director, Guidance, Admission and Placement
Mr. John Vincent M. Baylon Director, Culture and Arts / Band
Mr. Percival O. Ebron Director, Sports and Athletics
Dr. Jose Seth B. Cledera Medical Officer III
Dr. JOJI B. MIRAÑA University Registrar
Ms. ANN CHARMAINE B. VICITACION University Librarian
MS. JANETH A. CLEDERA Director, University Quality Assurance Center
DR. MARIA AURORA G. CABALLERO Director, National Service Training Program Office
PROF. PATRICIA M. CANDELARIA  Vice President for Research, Extension and Knowledge Management
Prof. Patricia M. Candelaria Concurrent Director, Research and Development Division
Ms. Luisa M. Lanciso OIC Director, Extension and Community Services Division
Ms. Sherry A. Combis Director, Knowledge Management Division
Mr. CHARLIE V. BALAGTAS Vice President for Administration and Finance
  Chief Administrative Officer - Administrative Division
Ms. Margarita M. Lanciso Acting HRMO
Ms. Cherrylyn R. Castro Head, Records Management Office
Dr. Tomas C. Sales, Jr. Head, Cashiering Office
Ms. Maricris L. Magat Head, Supply and Property Management Office
Mr. Jefferson O. Coruno Head, Procurement Office
Engr. Felipe B. Primavera Director, General Services Unit
Ms. PERLITA D. MAÑAGO Chief Administrative Officer - Finance Division
Ms. Nancy C. Encinas Accountant III, Accounting Section
Ms. Amalia O. Ocampo Administrative Officer V, Budgeting Section
Mr. Karlo Pedro L. Medroso II Director, Business Affairs



Strategic Plan, BOR Resolution No. 72, s. 2023 | Rev. as of 04/03/2024

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