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As a product of the over two years’ worth of work by the team of Dr. Ricky Laureta, the video recapitulates the major accomplishments of the research project titled "Development of Comprehensive Early Warning System for Agri-Fishery Communities in the Bicol River Basin" implemented by Partido State University in partnership with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 5 and in collaboration with DOST-PAGASA and the Local Government Units of Baao, Canaman, and Minalabac.

The project was formally launched in October 2018 and implemented until March 2021. It covered three municipalities in Camarines Sur (Baao, Canaman, and Minalabac), covering two pilot barangays in each municipality. This report presents shared stakeholders' experience in climate and disaster-resilient development and contends that such development is essential to eliminating extreme poverty and achieving shared climate consciousness. As viewers and readers look into their own experiences, the team hopes that they will inspire them to take measures on becoming a climate advocate and a voice to our marginalized communities. To know more about the project, readers can read the team’s full report here: Bicol River Basin Project Terminal Report.

Concept and Screenplay by RRH Regalado
Cinematography and Voice-Over by L Bañez
Directed by RP Laureta and DEB Baldo



Research and Development as an integral function of higher education institution had its beginning in 1994 since the establishment of Partido State College and its subsequent conversion of university status. This integral component to be functional must conduct researches, projects and programs responsive and directed towards enhancement of the existing programs of the university and supportive to the country's development goals

Toward this end, research management at PSU must enunciate clearly its vision, mission goals and objectives, areas of concern, thrusts and priorities, organizational structure and functions, and implementing mechanisms. This is done to ensure an orderly manner and professional conduct of research in this academic community.


Goals and Objectives

Research at PSU is directed by the following goals:

  1. To evolve and implement an effective mechanism for forecasting, planning, policy making, financing managing, and assessing Research Activities designed to promote the institutions growth and development along the four goals of higher education: access and equity, quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, and efficiency and effectiveness, and along the priority areas of the local government and national government.
  2. To gain recognition as a reputable Research unit with a track record of conducting Research activities that will contribute to the pool of knowledge, and solve the problem of the academe, community and

To realize this goals, the objectives are:

  1. To conduct research and development studies in social sciences, business, science and technology, culture and arts, agriculture and fisheries;
  2. To strengthen the manpower and resource capabilities of the university;
  3. To formulate and recommend research policies and guidelines conducive to and supportive of the research endeavor of the faculty and other members of the academe;
  4. To establish linkage with government and non-government agencies, industry and business sectors, sister SUC's and other local and foreign institution for fund sourcing, capability building, and networking along the research and development endeavor;
  5. To disseminate information and technologies responsive to the emerging needs of its clientele;
  6. To create mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating researches and research activities, and for dissemination, implementation and utilization of research outputs


Thrusts and Priorities

  • Poverty alleviation and People empowerment
  • Agriculture/Fishery
  • Food Security
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Protection and Resource Management
  • Enrichment of Bicol Culture
  • Efficient Management of Information
  • Micro-enterprise Development


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