Indigenous Peoples (IPs) are among the communities often relegated to the sidelines during the colonial period and contemporary Philippine society. The IPs or “cultural communities” (CC) for some represent remnants of our pre-colonial culture as inhabitants of the Philippine Islands we know today. Ironically, we refer to the IPs or CCs as representative of our pre-colonial past for successful resistance through the perpetuation of their indigenous traditions and cultures while at the sidelines of colonial and postcolonial powers, but at the same time contemporary Philippine society continues to discriminate them for having different cultural imagination.


With the aim to (re)echo indigenous stories from Agta Tabangnon of Partido Area in Bicol and Lumad communities in Mindanao to understand various folklore and cultures better, Balongibog Talks featured the webinar series titled “Usipon: Local Stories from Bicol and Mindanao” on July 28-30, 2020. The series tackled social movements during an epidemic experience, usipon or folklore, and mga Tawong Lipod and indigenous technology, coming from three lecturers.

The first lecture on “The Epidemic as Social Movement in Lumad Ethnohistory” was given by Assistant Professor Oona Paredes, Ph.D., of the UCLA Department of Asian Languages & Cultures on July 28.

Two IP researchers from the College of Education (COED) of Partido State University delivered lectures about the Agta Tabangnon of Partido. On July 29, Assistant Professor Josenia Penino talked about “A Snapshot of Agta Indigenous Communities in Partido: Foregrounding Usipon and Lihi.” The second lecture titled “Mga Tawong Lipod: Pagmidbid sa Lokal na Pagtubod nin Agtang Tabangnon kan Partido” was delivered by Assistant Professor Sheila Amoroso on July 30.

The lectures were moderated by Liezel D.C. Atole of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Earl John C. Hernandez of the Museo de Isarog.

This panel was organized and sponsored by the Center for Partido Studies, Partido Institute of Economics (PIE), Museo de Isarog, CAS, School of Graduate Studies (SGS), Office of the University President, Office of the University Board Secretary, and Partido Student Federation for Promotion and Cultural Preservation.

The Balongibog Talks team members are Dr. Danilo M. Gerona, Rolan Jon G. Bulao, Liezel DC. Atole, Vanessa Mae C. Romero, Earl John C. Hernandez, and students Noel Jay Roxas and Vincente Bayrante.

The lectures can be accessed through: USIPON: Local stories from Bicol and Mindanao

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