The Partido State University (ParSU) College of Education (COEd) and Vongchavalitkul University (VU) Faculty of Education in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand has signed the memorandum of agreement (MOA) for its academic and research collaboration last February 28, 2022 via zoom.


The 45-minute ceremony which marked the start of the collaboration is the initial step in realizing the commitment of the two institutions to further student development, faculty engagement and research and development.

In the next months, ParSU COEd will undertake activities which include the promotion of institutional exchanges by inviting faculty of VU to participate in a variety of teaching, research activities and professional development in ParSU; co-organizing symposiums, conferences, paper presentations,  short courses, student colloquiums  and meetings on  academic and research; conduct of collaborative multi-disciplinary research and continuing education programs; implementation of student exchange, internship and immersion programs; and inviting professors from VU as co-researcher, mentor or consultant as well as evaluators of faculty and student researches.

In answer to ParSU’s commitments, the VU Faculty of Education likewise committed to: invite ParSU as co-host in the International Conferences that VU will be hosting  which aim to bring together global teacher-scholars who are interested in sharing innovative pedagogy and furthering greater cross-border research collaboration among emerging and developing countries; invite professors from ParSU who will act as members of board of peer reviewers of SIKKHA Journal, the VU Faculty of Education’s publication; send faculty to ParSU to participate in a variety of teaching, research activities and professional development as gestures of institutional mutual exchanges; and implement student exchange, internship and immersion programs which are mutually agreed and planned with ParSU.

In his speech, the President of VU, Dr. Kitti Vongchavalitkul has emphasized on the historical records which show that the Philippines and Thailand has already have had a shared history through the trading relationship of the people of the ancient kingdoms of Siam (Thailand) and Lusong (Philippines). Dr. Raul G. Bradecina, the President of ParSU likewise highlighted the significance of collaborations between ASEAN universities as the outcomes of the partnership result to deeper cultural understanding and inclusive growth and development.


Representing ParSU, Dr. Bradecina signed the agreement, while Dr. Kitti signed on behalf of VU. The signing was also witnessed by the university officials and faculty of the two institutions including Dr. Erlinda M. Basilla, ParSU Vice President for Academic Affairs; Prof. Patricia M. Candelaria , ParSU Vice President for Research, Extension, and Knowledge Management; Dr. Arnel B. Zarcedo, ParSU Vice President for Administration and Finance, Ms. Leih Anne R. Odoño, ParSU Board Secretary and International Affairs Director, Dr. Marita S. Magat, ParSU College of Education Dean; Asso. Prof. Chaweewan Phosri, VU Vice President for Administration; Asso. Prof. Dr. Ratchanee Sujijantararat, VU Vice President for Planning and Development; Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanguanpong Chuanchom, VU Vice President for Academic Affairs; Asst. Prof. Dr. Chewin Limsiri VU Vice President for Research and Academic Services and Aj. Josemari V. Cordova, VU Lecturer and VULC Head.

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