Twenty-two graduates of Partido State University’s Sanitary Engineering Program passed the August 2019 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

ParSU earned a 78.57% overall performance rating with 22 passers out of the university’s 28 examinees.
This is higher than the national performance rate of 69.23 or 144 out the 208 examinees.
Below is the list of the successful examinees:

1. Abundabar, Jezebel O.
2. Aragdon, Maria Trinny V.
3. Ayala, Jayson T.
4. Bautista, Kristian Noe P.
5. Cariño, Rina Mae P.
6. Colinares, Joerenz P.
7. Coralde, Wilson S.
8. Dizon, Cyrus Justine A.
9. Israel, Mercy A.
10. Magnosay, Eduardo Jr. E.
11. Muñoz, Patricia Arnica T.
12. Narez, Mary Jine A.
13. Paa, John Mar B.
14. Parza, Mark Francis O.
15. Piloneo, Archie R.
16. Rosales, Princess J.
17. Tria, Rose Patricia F.
18. Venturozo, Jefferson S.
19. Villalobos, Donnabel S.
20. Rivero, Mary N.
21. Santos, Jann Renz F.
22. Valdez, Narnie C.

As shown on table above, only four out of the 23 first-time takers (18.39%) and two out of the five repeaters (40%) failed the said examination.

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