About Partido State University

Partido State University (PSU) was created by virtue of Replublic Act 9029 on March 5, 2001 authored by Former Congressman Arnulfo P. Fuentebella.

R.A. 9029 is an act creating Partido State University by integrating seven (7) campuses in the 3rd District of Camarines Sur namely: .

At present it is headed by its President, Dr. Raul G. Bradecina.

Our Vision

The leading university in geology, bio-resource science and environmental management in the Bicol Region.

Our Mission

To provide Quality Instruction in the arts, philosophy, sciences, technology and other relevant courses and create a competetive advantage in research, extension, and production services for the socio-economic upliftment of the Bicolanos.

Library Objectives

  • Serve effectively and efficiently in the university programs as it strives to meet the appropriate needs and demands of its clienteles.
  • Acquire books and other materials most appropriate to the growth of knowledge and development, skills and creativity of the students.
  • Stimulate and guide students in all phases of their readings to increase their enjoyment and appreciation of dynamic learning.
  • Build up the essential library capabilities needed in the efficient and effective operation of the libraries
  • Guide students in the choice of books and other materials for their desired learning both for personal and curricular programs.
  • Enhance students skills and resourcefulness in the use of books and libraries for critical thinking.

Thrusts and Priorities

  • Monitoring and evaulating of the existing library system
  • Upgrading of webpages and online catalog
  • Providing remote access to online services
  • Creating in-house access tools and operations
  • Strengthening linkages in both local and foreign entities
  • Sustain fund generation activities
  • Offering an environment conductive to learning and resaerch
  • Continuing education for the library personnel

Strategies and Implementation

  • Acquisition of awide variety of library holdings
  • Installation of library IT equipment
  • Provision of Public Access Catalog terminals
  • Implementation of web-based programs services
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the libarary system
  • Attendance to specialized trainings and other related professional development activities
  • Establisment of local, regional, national, and international linkages
  • Generation of funds through solicitaions, donations, grants, IGP's and the like.

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Services Overview

The Library is open to all stakeholders daily except Saturdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. A few of the services offered by the library are:

Contact Us

For further details you can reach us through the following means:

Address: San Juan Bautista St., Goa, Camarines Sur
Telephone: 054-453-0235
FAX: 054-453-1811
Others: +301 - 0125 - 01258
E-mail: library@parsu.edu.ph

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